Aline Potiron

University Assistant - PhD Student. Johannes Kepler University/Institute of Philosophy and Scientific Method.


Hochschulfond Building - HF 311

Altenberger Straße, 69

4040 Linz, Austria

I’m Alien 👽, coming from the microbiology planet to visit the philosophy of science universe.

Throughout my PhD, I rely on my experience in the lab on microbial communities to address philosophical issues.

  • First, by investigating a widely used approach by scientists, amplicon sequencing, I suggest a novel definition of samples, a category overlooked by philosophers compared to data.
  • Then, I took a more historical approach by delving into the records of Serguei Winogradsky, a founder of microbial ecology, to back up my thesis that current microbiome research practices are divided. This division can be traced to their medical and ecological scientific lineages, affecting explanations in this discipline.
  • Lastly, by using the ideas of model-based accounts of measurement, I thought of analysing the species concept used in microbial ecology in the context of diversity-as-a-measurement. I investigate the potential implications of such analysis for the practical, epistemological, and theoretical dimensions of the well-known biological and philosophical species problem.


Jan 10, 2024 I will be part of the Symposium Practice-first approach: from biological cases to philosophical issues at the wcprome2024 🤩
Dec 1, 2023 📣 The registration for EpiCause 2024 is now open. Deadline for early-birds 🐣 April 1, 2024.
Sep 20, 2023 I am very happy 🤩 to participate to epsa, where I will try to unfold my project on species concept and diversity-as-a-measurement in microbial ecology 🦠 using model-based account of measurement.