List of past and current courses.

Selected Topics in Practical Philosophy

Teacher Education Studies Secondary Level

Course Description: This course aims to study controversial ethical issues in current societal topics. We will use the resources of normative ethics but also of moral psychology. We will critically discuss the issues raised by the management of scientific research through the Responsible Conduct of Research, particularly the tension between scientific and regulatory values. We will assess the different moral perspectives on the environment and its conservation in relation to policy and law. Finally, we will consider the ethical issues raised by Artificial Intelligence with the notions of values and responsibility.


  • Teaching 👩‍🏫 in an interactive way (Seminar) by discussing students’ questions
  • Evaluating students’ assignments and final exams
  • Adapting form and content after biannual feedback 📣 from students

Semesters: Winter 2021, Summer & Winter 2022, Summer & Winter 2023, Summer 2024

Philosophy of Science

Doctorate in Social Sciences and Humanities, Doctorate Degree in Social Sciences, Econonomics & Business

Course Description: Science has always had a special place in our societies. Today, it is either considered the best way to attain knowledge or fiercely opposed. This course is addressed to doctoral students and aims to introduce fundamental philosophical issues about the nature of modern science and scientific knowledge. Topics include the nature of scientific knowledge, scientific progress, realism and antirealism, reductionism, laws of nature, scientific explanation, and the role of values in shaping scientific research. The students are invited to link these topics to their dissertation subjects.


  • Clarifying 💡 philosophical concepts and debates to a public without a heavy philosophical background
  • Familiarize with PhD subjects that are farer from my background 👾

Semester: Summer 2024

Fundamentals of Philosophy in Medicine

Human Medicine

Course Description: The course examines philosophy in medicine, such as theories of health and well-being, theories of disease, and causality in medicine. We will also delve into and critically examine crucial recent research results on medical-philosophical topics such as evidence-based medicine, randomization, value judgments, and objectivity in medicine and public health.


  • Teaching in block
  • Assisting and mentoring 🧙‍♀️ students in groups and on an individual basis
  • Evaluating students’ assignments and final exams

Semester: Winter 2023

Gender and Diversity in Computer Science and Engineering: Perspectives from Sociocultural Studies and Ethics

Artificial Intelligence Program

Course Description: This course explores how values shape science and engineering, with a particular emphasis on issues related to gender and racial biases. In particular, we will focus on algorithmic systems and the biases they incorporate as a result of poor design. To grasp how algorithmic systems can perpetuate patterns of gender and racial injustice, it is critical to grasp how values and prejudices are sneaked, often inadvertently, into the design of AI tools. We will shed light on these issues by discussing works in the feminist philosophy of science and more recent feminist data studies. After understanding how algorithmic systems can be ethically controversial, we will discuss opportunities for a fair, just, and more inclusive ethical design.


  • Teaching in a formal way (Lecture) while leaving space for students’ questions ❓
  • Evaluating students’ assignments and final exams

Semester: Summer 2023