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Publications by categories (articles, talks and thesis) and in reversed chronological order.

peer-reviewed articles


  1. Microbial impact on cholesterol and bile acid metabolism: current status and future prospects
    A. Kriaa, M. Bourgin, A. PotironH. Mkaouar, A. Jablaoui, P. GérardE. Maguin, and M. Rhimi
    Journal of Lipid Research, 2019


  1. Recent Patents on Hypocholesterolemic Therapeutic Strategies: An Update
    A. PotironP. Gérard, T. Le Roy, P. Lesnik, E. Maguin, and M. Rhimi
    Recent Advances in DNA & Gene Sequences (Discontinued), 2015



  1. A new light on causes in human health-associated microbiome studies by unearthing its ecological roots
    A. Potiron
    Causality in Epidemiology - CitS conference series, May 2024
    Linz, Austria


  1. Species is a unit of measurement
    A. Potiron
    EPSA Biennial Meeting 2023, Sep 2023
    Belgrade, Serbia
  2. Towards an integrative view of explanation in human gut microbiome research
    A. Potiron
    ISHPSSB Biennial Meeting 2023, Jul 2023
    University of Toronto, Canada
  3. How does the history of microbiology call for a more integrative view of explanation in human gut microbiome research?
    A. Potiron
    Integrated History and Philosophy of Science - &HPS9, Mar 2023
    University of South Carolina, Columbia, US


  1. Not everything is data: A revision of the relational framework of data
    A. Potiron
    Sixth European Advanced School in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences - EASPLS, Sep 2022
    Bordeaux, France


  1. How can highly contextual data such as metabarcoding data relate to the world?
    A. Potiron
    ISHPSSB Biennial Meeting 2021, Jul 2021
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Online
  2. Human gut microbiomes research: what are the benefits of the mechanistic causal account?
    A. Potiron
    The Philosophy Exchange Philosophy of Science Graduate Conference PSGC2021: From Theory to Practice, Oct 2021
    The London School of Economincs, Online
  3. Challenging the philosophical definition of data using amplicon sequencing
    A. Potiron
    Molecular Ecology and Evolution Seminar Autumn/Winter 2021, Nov 2021
    Bangor University, Online


  1. Cholesterol conversion into coprostanol by bacterial strains isolated from the human gut microbiota can modify host cholesterol metabolism
    A. PotironA. Kriaa, S. Boudebbouze, A. Bruneau, M. Lhomme, P. Lesnik, E. MaguinM. Rhimi, and P. Gérard
    7th Congress of European Microbiologists - FEMS, Jul 2017
    Valencia, Spain


  1. New insight in cholesterol metabolism by human gut microbiota
    A. PotironA. Kriaa, T. Le Roy, H. Mkaouar, S. Boudebbouze, P. Lesnik, P. GérardE. Maguin, and M. Rhimi
    26th Forum of the Tunisian Association of Biological Sciences, Mar 2015
    Monastir, Tunisia



  1. Cholesterol conversion into coprostanol by bacteria from human gut microbiota and its impact cholesterolemia
    Aline Potiron
    Dec 2017